All members of Deal-Share are expected to follow and abide by the following terms and conditions, which become active as soon as one becomes a member of the site. An entity, which signs up and successfully becomes a member of the Deal-Share site, will be referred to as the ‘user’ hereinafter and the Deal-Share Admin team will be referred to as ‘DS’.

1.General Terms of Use:
Deal-Share is a non-biased community website designed for people to share deals and help each other save money whilst equally reaping the rewards. Therefore DS kindly request that all users maintain a friendly and warm environment in which people feel comfortable to share and discuss deals. We understand that one person’s gold maybe another’s garbage, but we ask if a deal is voted NO DEAL and the user feels the need to comment, that these comments refrain from being abusive. The user can alternatively give a constructive comment or for example link to a better deal they have posted.
DS request that users refrain from any aggressive or anti-social behaviour, we have zero tolerance for any type of discriminative abuse be it against, a race, sex or a targeted group of individuals based on their beliefs, faiths or sexual orientation. This type of abuse can and will result in the user being deleted from the site, and the IP address flagged for future purposes.
DS reserve the right and authority to delete or deactivate any deals posted by the user without any notification. This could be for (but not limited to) the following reasons: spamming ads, duplicate deals, expired deals etc… (Though we will try our best to notify the user if this happens). DS also reserve the right to investigate any suspicious behaviour by members without any obligation to justify the investigation.
The opinions and views of the Deal-Share users are not necessarily those of DS

2. Privacy Statement
All users are held wholly responsible for comments and descriptions made by them alongside any deals posted. The email details are again the responsibility of the user. The user’s personal details will not be shared with any third parties, and the only information shared with other Deal-Share users are the username, comments and the deals posted.

Once you’re registered, you’re free to venture through the site and cast votes on deals that you like by pressing DEAL or on deals that you don’t think are such a bargain by pressing NO DEAL. As a deal gets more and more DEAL votes the voting bar fills up and shows the status of the deal whether it’s a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. Once each status is reached the user will receive a token (tokens explained in section 5).
We hope that users will be fair and just with this voting system and try to vote purely based on how good or bad a deal is and not for any other reason.
 4. Cash Out Feature
Here at Deal-Share, we want to give something back to our members for sharing deals. If other users vote that a users posted deal is good, the user will earn points. The more votes the more points. Our Cash Out feature allows users to convert their collected points to gift vouchers from a wide selection of retailers. These points have no monetary value and can not be traded or sold to other users. 

Users can collect BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD tokens and exchange them for rewards in the rewards store. These rewards are subject to change and are time sensitive. In the unlikely occasion that a user submits tokens for a gift that is no longer available the user will be refunded the tokens and allowed to use them again for another reward.
Once received and opened, rewards are non-refundable unless the item is faulty and returned within 7 days.
These tokens have no monetary value and cannot be used in exchange for money or payment.  

6. Account Termination:
DS reserve the right to delete and permanently ban any user for the following reasons:
-Posting deals or any links/content containing pornographic or any sexually offensive materials.
-Self-promotion or advertisement.
-Repeated offensive or abusive comments
-Repeated trolling, i.e. the littering of comments, descriptions or deal posts with irrelevant commentary, insults and striving to disturb other members within the Deal-Share community.
If a user is found to be breaching these guidelines, members can contact DS directly via the contact us page, provide the offender’s username and reference the type of offence and its location within the site.
DS will be monitoring account registration activity very meticulously to prevent users from creating fake duplicate accounts for the purpose of fabricated votes. Users found to be doing so will be instantly deleted, banned and the IP address flagged permanently. DS reserve the right to refuse payments or rewards to users pending any investigations. DS also reserve the right to remove all points and tokens from the user if they are suspected to be (or are under investigation for ) creating duplicate accounts for the same entity.
Users have the freedom to appeal any of the above DS actions by getting in touch through the contact us section. However, DS have the final say, and can make final decisions without any obligation to justify said decisions, though we will strive to be fair and just in all cases.